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Why Scality?

Scality is a flexible and innovative business setup solution in the UAE. Via a simple monthly subscription, you can not only set up your business but also gain access to a network of reliable partners, enabling business growth.

What is the setup process?

Step 1: Submit your interest here.
Step 2: Talk to us about your business. 
Step 3: Submit your application form and legal documents.
Step 4: You're part of the club!


What documents do I need?

Click here for a comprehensive list of documents required to setup with Scality. You need to ensure you have all these documents ready for us to process your application as we cannot initiate your setup without it.

How long does it take?

Getting a new license with Scality takes about 7-10 working days for a company with individual shareholders (excluding external clearance) and 2-4 weeks for multiple shareholders (depending on the time required for attestation of overseas documents).

Do I need to pay the subscription fee for all my employees?

You have to pay the subscription fee for all the employees you onboard to Scality in the UAE (including the founding team). In case you have team members overseas that want to visit the space occasionally, we have other membership options listed here.

Do I have to pay the onboarding fee for all my employees?

You need to pay the onboarding fee for all employees you want to onboard to Scality (sponsored and non sponsored). 

What if my application gets rejected?

You can always re-apply! Our team is here to support you in the process and help you strengthen your application.

How do I know if I am eligible?

You are eligible to apply if you meet the following criteria:

1.  You are a tech start-up/entrepreneur.
2. You have an idea/MVP/product.

Do I pay the subscription fee if I don't use the office?

Yes, you need to pay the subscription fee irrespective of whether you use the office or not. Our growth space is available should you need to use it. Our pricing structure is transparent and simple

Are there any other costs involved?

Our pricing structure covers all business set-up related costs, including trade license, visa, license amendments etc. Any other government related costs or requirements during the lifecycle of the company (e.g visa renewal, establishment card renewal etc. ) will be charged as applicable.

What kind of license will I get?

You can choose between a Free Zone Company (FZCO) license, Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) license or a PLC (Publicly listed company) license. The validity of the license will be 1 year, and it is renewable.

I already have a license, how can I transfer to Scality?

For a free zone company, you can simply transfer your license and visas to Scality. You will receive a continuation certificate that mentions previous license details. All charges as per Scality's structure will apply.

What is included in the subscription fee?

1. Business setup and license

2. Growth partnerships

3. Flexible co-working space

4. 1 visa/subscription (charged separately)

How many people can I hire?

Scality's pricing structure allows you to scale your team to 20 members. Once you are ready to expand further, our team will discuss a bespoke pricing structure with you.


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